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Manchester Film Industry Co-op Trailer

A trailer showcasing some of the projects produced by the Manchester Film Industry Co-op.

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Contemporary Dance Soundtrack


Soundtrack to the live exhibition of 'Entangled' in Hong Kong on women's day 2019. I explored ambient textures that morphed in and out of existence to create a moving and spiritual soundtrack. It was a departure for the style of music i'm more familiar with producing but I embraced the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Full track can be found here:

Threaded Heart Creations
Designer and Artist: Marsha Roddy
Choreographer and Dancer: Giselle Liu

Spoken Word: Bhavini Raval
Photography: Dennis Lo

Contemporary Dance Soundtrack

APAC Dance Performance

A contemporary dance piece performed by APAC students at the Shanghai American School, choreographed by Jun Mabaquiao and Giselle Liu.

I composed the soundtrack to this performance to reflect the topic of man-made water pollution as an environmental issue. Featuring heavy hitting industrial percussion and sinister basslines, it captures the destructive force that threatens our plant's oceans.

Stylised Music

Outrun - Synthwave track


A short synthwave track made to reflect the style of music from the 80's where analogue synthesizers were hugely popular.

Audio for Visual Media

Oblivion - Sound Design, Foley & Music

This 12 minute section from the 2013 movie 'Oblivion' was the subject for my final year project whilst studying at the University of York. I created the entire soundtrack including the sound effects, ambience, Foley, music and ADR from scratch using the preexisting audio only as reference.

My initial goal was to use my knowledge of audio synthesis to create appropriate sound effects for the futuristic technology depicted in the film. Realistic ambience was another focus, ambient noise for the outdoor scenes was recorded with a wide stereo image to enhance immersion. The music pieces were composed with a focus on electronic instruments to create a cohesive tone for the film.

Excluding a handful of sourced sound effects, all the sounds were recorded, edited and mixed myself and the voices of Jack and Victoria were played by Fergus Piper and Amy Pezet respectively.

Audio for Visual Media

Hong Kong Serenity- Ambient soundscape

This is a short montage of slow motion footage captured in Hong Kong set to an ambient soundscape composed by myself. I used an Organelle- a synthesizer/computer and a granular patch I wrote from scratch for the composition.

Granular patch:

Audio for Visual Media

The Iron Giant - SFX

This project was a collaboration between me and three course mates. We sourced a short clip from the 1999 movie 'The Iron Giant' and recreated the audio track from the ground up, adding supplementary elements where appropriate. Dialogue, SFX, ambience, foley and music were all redone from scratch. This clip is the last minute of our project where I did most of my work.

I was responsible for the robot SFX and the nightmare scene. The mechanical servo sounds were created by recording sliding fingers along an acoustic guitar's strings and applying a ring modulation effect. As for the eye movement sounds, the same effect was applied to the sound of an SLR camera focusing.

A remix of the theme from 'Knight Rider'.

This track was recorded, mixed and mastered in Logic Pro X using mostly stock plugins. All melodic sounds were made from scratch using a range of techniques like FM, sampling, deductive and additive synthesis.

Physical Modelling Patch.pd


Physical Modelling Synthesis

Pure Data Modelling Synth and Web Article

If you aren't familiar with pure data, it's a graphical programming language specialising in digital signal processing. I have managed to create a physical modelling inspired synthesizer that uses various impulses to generate interesting sound design examples. The patch is can be customised to generate sounds that mimic a harpsichord to atmospheric sci-fi soundscapes.

If you don't have pure data installed, there are some audio examples to show the range of sounds it is capable of producing.

More projects coming soon...