About me

I’m a Music technology First Class with Honours graduate from the University of York. I have a strong audio engineering background as well as experience in creative sound design and music composition.

My skills

My time at University allowed me to develop a strong understanding of digital signal processing. With a strong foundation in physics and electronics, I am comfortable handling technical matters surrounding audio processing for musical and non-musical applications. I can code in C, C++, Python, Matlab and PD competently having completed at multiple projects in each.

I also have a passion for sound design and music, I’m constantly working on various projects. Using the skills I learned and from my own experience, I have creates some unique and professional productions from electronic music tracks to full soundtracks for film and dance.

Check out my portfolio for some examples of my work so far!


Please feel free to download my CV if you are interested in knowing more about my work experience and skills.

Max Carrey CV